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When it comes to reducing telecom expenses, more and more companies are considering outsourcing these services as a viable and intelligent option.

What exactly is telecom outsourcing and how do you know when and if you need to consider outsourcing in-house tasks to an experienced specialist in the field? To answer this, let’s review the different aspects of telecom outsourcing in greater detail.

Outsourcing telemanagement tasks can be as simple as ordering a new phone line or handling moves/adds/changes for a multi-location company. You can think of most telemanagement tasks as the ones that drain staff time and provide very little return on that time investment. (No one enjoys being on the phone with a carrier or provider for an hour just to make a small change to your account.) You may want to outsource these basic functions based on your responses to the following questions:

  • Are you currently understaffed and unable to complete the above tasks in a timely manner?
  • Do you have a dedicated in-house staff member who reviews telecom expenses monthly to monitor changes in rates, tariffs and industry practices?
  • Are you paying a full-time salary and benefits to one or more individuals to handle bill review duties?
  • Do you need an experienced telecom specialist to implement a system of routine auditing to maximize savings and reduce waste?
  • Do you need one point of contact to handle service issues (lines not working, broken phones, new lines needed.) Your outsourced specialist can maintain relationships with ALL of your telecom vendors and providers to keep your staff focused on the flow of business instead of telecom issues?

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