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Telecom Expense Audits


Staying on top of Telecommunications innovation can be a
time-consuming and overwhelming endeavor. The sheer number of developments and the complexity of technological innovation can prove insurmountable without the necessary time and resources to dedicate to the task.

Even with well-managed networks, the cumulative impact of common errors will cost you valuable time and money. Concept Telecom’s monthly audit will consist of the same vigilant process to ensure you are maximizing savings and efficiencies every month.

Our monthly audits will provide the following:

  • Identify Hidden fees on your telecom bills.
  • Identify lines and services that appear on your bill that you no longer need.
  • Identify billing errors and potential refunds.
  • Validate that your original contractual agreements match your actual bill.
  • Analysis of usage patterns to evaluate if you have enough lines or not enough.
  • We help identify the latest plans, rates and options from all providers.

A cost-reduction study will help you maximize savings before systems are put into place for maintaining your bills. In most cases, the savings found when conducting a cost-reduction study first will pay for subsequent outsourcing many times over!

You should consider a cost-reduction audit if:

  • You have not completed a comprehensive study and inventory of your companies’ telecom expenses, equipment, contracts, service providers and vendor partners. This analysis will identify exactly where immediate savings can be found.
  • You have experienced or been concerned with any of the following items appearing on your bills in the past: billing errors, fraud and abuse, unnecessary /unused features, over provisioning of lines, cost-effective local service plans and long-distance plan options.
  • You lack the time, manpower or the technical expertise to conduct a thorough audit in–house.

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